Add A Fillet or Chamfer With No Trim

There might be times when you need to use fillet or chamfer and you do not want these tools to trim the objects. This method will leave the original objects intact and simply apply the fillet or chamfer.

Here’s how:

  • Shown below is the fillet command
  • F <enter> to start the fillet command
  • T <enter> to get to the “trim mode”
  • N <enter> to set the trim mode to “No Trim”
  • Then set you Radius for the fillet and apply the fillet.

Normal Fillet behavior

Fillet command with the trim mode set to “No trim”

Note: When you set the trim mode for fillet or chamfer these tools share that trim mode. In fact the system variable for this setting is TRIMMODE (shown below).

This system variable is stored in your computer’s registry which means that this setting will carry over to other drawings. Just be aware of this….